Future Mirror





That night as Itsuki falls asleep, she suddenly finds herself in a world 10 years in the future, in an unfamiliar place, handcuffed to a stranger, and surrounded by flames.



Is it really just a dream?

Why is Akane dead?



The game combines traditional visual novel storytelling and player-controlled exploration.

Depending on the player’s actions, the story branches into four different endings.



Itsuki Hiiragi

The protagonist. She has a bright and refreshing personality.Her goal is to lead a stable, happy life.

Akane Ariake

Itsuki’s best friend. She has a soft and gentle personality, speaking in a slow and stilted manner, and has a mysterious air about her.

Mutsumi Haitani

A young man who finds himself handcuffed to Itsuki in the future. Gentle and respectful to everyone, but the depths of his soul are a mystery.

Iori Kuto

A senior of Itsuki and Akane’s high school club. He recently started dating Akane, and is admired by all of the club members.

Nao Hayashikawa

A friend of Itsuki and Akane and belongs to the same club. She has a strong, firm personality and is shy when it comes to matters about love.

Minako Sasahara

Iori’s ex-girlfriend. She is a senior in the same club as Itsuki and Akane.


Title: Future Mirror
Supported OS: PC
Distribution platform: Steam / Animate Games
Release date: November 1st, 2022
Price: $6.99
Published by: LocaGames
Production: Satsuki no Yume
Character design: Satsuki no Yume
Localization: LocaGames

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