Yukar From The Abyss


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Tired and disillusioned with her busy life in Tokyo, Kurumi Oki decides to slow down and move to Hokkaido for a fresh start.

One night, on the train home from meeting up with her friends, she dozes off and realizes she has missed her stop.

Panicked, she gets off the train and finds herself at an unfamiliar station called Kamuy Mosir.

Seeking help she walks toward some nearby lights, where she sees a group of people dressed in unfamiliar costumes having a party.


Still being pursued by other mysterious beings, Kurumi unexpectedly opens the door to the world of the Gods, where she must overcome fierce trials, explore the mysterious new world, and perhaps even discover what happens to forbidden love with the Gods...

Your choices matter – Each decision you make will affect the story and the ending, will you live happily ever after or suffer eternal damnation?

  • Love interests: 4 characters 
  • Only love interests are fully voiced.
  • Number of CGs: 6 for each character
  • Dictionary feature – Quickly reference the definition of words.
  • Choose the name of the protagonist
  • Playtime – Around 3 hours per route.

Kurumi Oki (Nameable)

Leaving her hectic life in Tokyo behind, she moves to Hokkaido where a mysterious fate awaits...

Pewrep (Love interest)

The brave young leader of the mountain Gods.
“Don’t resist or I’ll bite your throat out!”

Kyril Sasayama (Love interest)

"A trader from Esashi. As CEO of Sasayama Far East Trading, he has business interests across the globe. Always smiling, he is calm and sociable.
“You’re not on the right footing. Shall I hold your hand?”"

Li Huaisu (Love interest)

The God of the wetlands. He is graceful, elegant, and loves the arts, but his biggest flaw is his ego.
“We are not in human form. This is a God’s original form, and humans are imitating ours.”

Moshirechik (Love interest)

A giant demon God, who is feared for his brutish manner. But, it seems that his original form long ago wasn’t a demon at all.
“Mother Klyuchevskaya, how are you doing now?”


A bright snow fairy on the outside, but an old man on the inside.

Title: Yukar From The Abyss

Supported OS: PC / iOS / Android / Nintendo Switch

Distribution platform: Steam / Animate Games / App Store / Google Play / Nintendo eShop

Release date: August 22nd, 2023 (Early Access version: November 15th,2022 , Nintendo Switch version: December 7th, 2023)

Price: $18.99 (mobile version price may vary)

公式サイト: https://loca.games/yukar-from-the-abyss/

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2070220/Yukar_From_The_Abyss/

Nintendo eShop: https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000069475.html

企画・制作: LocaGames

原画・キャラクターデザイン: Mae Mabato

Cast: Souma Yamoto / Mizuki Yoshida / Ryuga Aikawa / Aruto Mizuha

Streaming policy

If streaming the game, please state the name of the game and the official website.
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Title: Yukar From The Abyss
Publisher: LocaGames
Official website: https://loca.games/yukar-from-the-abyss/